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Pernambuco drums  was founded on January 4, 2004 in Olinda, by Guilherme Montarroyos whose mission is to value the culture of Pernambuco, not only the baque virado, but also the rhythm of the coconut, the ciranda, the loose beat of the rural maracatu, the caboclinho, among others.

With meetings that take place in Praça do Carmo and Recife Antigo, the group has been infecting those who perceive in our artistic representations, the traits present in our history.
Formed by about ninety members, the group promotes Alfaia, Caixa, Agbê, Gonguê, Agogô, Timbal workshops, as well as dance workshops.

During Carnival, thePernambuco drumsperforms on Carnival Friday at Recife Antigo at 8 pm; and in Olinda on Carnival Sunday and Tuesday from 9 am.

The Loas of the Batuques of Pernambuco
Considered one of the anthems of the Batuques of Pernambuco, the percussionists have sung this song in many of their presentations at Carnival in Recife and Olinda. This is a landmark of the resistance of the Batuques of Pernambuco throughout its history.

"I'm a Batuqueiro from Pernambuco,
With my drumming on the slope I will pass
I'm a Batuqueiro from Pernambuco
Leaving the sound of my maracatu in the air"

or even the poemPernambuco drumming in Arrastãoby Renato Motta, which was set to music for the meeting of blocks promoted in January 2020 by the coordinators of Congobloco Batibum:


"It's our batuques

It's the brand.


Our people meet in Carmo

On the slope you can see the trawler

It goes up and down Olinda

Loose thud in sequence nation.


It's our batuques

It's the brand.


The agbe goes up to the air

The implement shakes the ground

Batuqueiro playing on the box

Remembering the end of slavery.


Pernambuco Batuques."

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